DJI Tello Quadcopter Review – An Entry-level Drone for Professional Aerial Photography

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Are you interested in drone-based aerial photography but don’t have much experience in flying drones? DJI Tello quadcopter can be a reliable choice to learn the nitty-gritty of drone photography before investing on an expensive professional quadcopter.

With HD quality camera, auto flying modes and Wi-Fi FPV feature, it does have all the necessary ingredients for you to get off the mark. Belonging to the trustworthy DJI brand, you can be assured about the build quality, performance and ease of flying.

Let’s find out the finer details about DJI Tello drone so that you have a fair idea about the things to expect from this highly popular quadcopter.

DJI Tello Quadcopter At A Glance

NameDJI Tello Camera Drone
CategoryToys, Games and Sports
PriceINR 13499 (As of 11-01-2018)
Average Customer Rating 3.4 out of 5 Stars (Amazon)
Warranty6 months against manufacturing defects
Source: Amazon

Key Features

  • 5 MP HD camera with electronic image stabilization for clear, crisp image quality.
  • Comes with Wi-Fi FPV feature.
  • Ability to stream live video through supported smartphone app.
  • Upto 15 minutes flight time.
  • 150 meters range with 50 meters altitude ceiling.

DJI Tello is an affordable camera drone manufactured by the well-known DJI brand. Although it is priced in the entry-level segment, this quadcopter comes with surprisingly advanced features. It brings you Bluetooth-based smartphone-enabled control and automated flight modes like altitude hold, custom flight path and waypoint navigation.

The HD camera has the ability to capture high resolution photographs and videos. Electronic image stabilization helps in preserving the sharpness of the captured footage. You can integrate your smartphone through the DJI app to stream real time footage on popular social media platforms.

Flying the drone is a breeze – no matter whether you are a greenhorn or a veteran drone pilot. Features like auto take-off/landing, altitude hold and waypoint navigation aid in controlled flying experience. The drone can easily be integrated with the Scratch flight control app developed by MIT. Advanced users can create custom flight paths and play with the app to create several automated flying options. DJI Tello has the ability to perform impressive flying stunts like flip and bounce.

It can remain in air for upto 15 minutes per charging cycle and has a flying radius of 150 meters with 50 meters altitude ceiling. The build is sturdy enough to sustain severe damages due to crash landing – thanks to the availability of propeller guards.


  • Good image/video quality.
  • Availability of automated flight control features.
  • Ability to perform on-air stunts.
  • Live streaming feature available via DJI smartphone app.


  • There’s no obstruction sensor mechanism.
  • Flying can be difficult to control in windy conditions.
  • No GPS tracking.

Our Verdict

DJI Tello quadcopter combines dynamic design concepts with advanced flying features. It’s the perfect tool to hone your aerial photography skills without burning a big hole in your wallet. If you are an aspiring professional photographer who wishes to explore drone-based photography, this budget quadcopter can serve you pretty well.